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When one enters into right relationship with the Spiritual Master, changes happen in the literal physics of one's existence. I am not just talking about ideas. . . . something in the physics of the universe makes it possible for a single apparent individual to pass through the entire affair of Divine Self-Realization, and then to bring others into the Sphere of the same Divinely Enlightened Existence, so that they may duplicate that Divine Condition.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


Adidam is about Avatar Adi Da's transmission of the Revelation that is His alone to offer humanity, a once in the history of the world opportunity for people to come in direct contact with someone of unparalleled Spiritual Realization and Understanding. Adidam devotees freely participate in an open esoteric school of devotional practice because each has received Adi Da's Spiritual transmission and appreciated its value, and not because they have adopted a new system of religious beliefs.

Based on Adi Da's transmission, we know that if true Spirituality is what you are seeking and find that Adi Da's Picture and Presence strike a chord; if you find that your heart opens to Him quickly, you will find His Words and the relationship he offers of the utmost importance.

Originally, each of us wanted to know for sure whether we had really come in contact with the "real thing," and whether Avatar Adi Da Samraj could really lead us to direct Realization of the Universal Truth He Talks about—or not. We wanted to know whether He was the unseen mysterious guide we somehow knew had always been leading us along a seemingly solitary path towards realization or spiritual enlightenment.

We all began by familiarizing ourselves with the literature of His Reality-Teachings. So you'll find links to them in abundance on our website. You can order His books from our Book stores in Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, and Vancouver. You may also find them in a growing number of bookstores.

Adidam Canada



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Canadian devotees of Adi Da Samraj, about 45 strong, live in Toronto, Montreal ,Ottawa, Moncton, Vancouver and Calgary. You will also find that there are gatherings of Adidam in regions across the world, each listed on the main Adidam Events Page.

Our daily life as Adi Da's devotees is all about turning our attention and feeling to our Guru, serving Him and supporting His Divine Blessing-Work, in order to make the liberating relationship He offers available to everyone.

We would be happy to share more with you about our way of life and the transforming heart-relationship with Avatar Adi Da. Please contact us.


Sanctuaries and Centers

You will also want to know that there are large Adidam sanctuaries in California, Hawaii, India and Fiji, and Adidam regional centers and communities throughout the world.

The sanctuary pictured at left is in Naitauba, Fiji. To find out more about Adidam's Global Community, or to locate the center nearest to where you live, please visit our main events page.

To find out more about Adidam's Global Community, or to locate the center nearest to where you live, please visit our main events page.





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