The Transformative Spiritual Way of Adidam

I Am the Sign and the Revelation and the Proof of Real God in the world. I Am the Testament and the Means of Freedom Itself. I Am Eleutherios, the Divine Liberator, Who Is Freedom Itself.

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


We understand, as devotees of Adi Da Samraj, that a great teaching is intended to free us totally from our doubts and fears, offering verifiable and self-validating spiritual certainty. We have found this to be true in our practice of Adidam.

As Adi Da has written:

  • Adidam is not a conventional religion
  • Adidam is not a conventional way of life
  • Adidam is about the transcending of the ego-"I"
  • Adidam is about the Freedom of Divine Self-Realization.
  • Adidam is not based on mythology or belief.
  • Adidam is a "reality" practice.
  • Adidam is a "reality consideration" in which the various modes of egoity are progressively transcended.
  • Adidam is a universally applicable Way of life.
  • Adidam is for those who will choose it, and whose hearts and intelligence fully respond to Me and My Offering.
  • Adidam is a Great Revelation, and It is to be freely and openly communicated to all.


A Complete Way of life

As Adi Da’s devotees, we practice this Way of life in relationship to Him, because we recognize, at heart, that Adi Da is Real God and has appeared in human form.

We openly explore the Divine Nature of Reality and all aspects of our human experience, in the context of our relationship with Adi Da.

What’s essential to understand about Adidam’s uniqueness is this very fact: that Adi Da did not incarnate to offer people a set of beliefs. He said, "You must not believe in Me” – and clearly, mere belief cannot be the point. It does not change us at the depth of our true need. Only that which is revealed in our direct experience— in body, heart, and mind altogether, rather than mind only—can transform us.


Yes, There is True Happiness

Before we look for it in any way, and despite whatever conditions may appear, happiness can be our underlying experience once we stop seeking for it. In fact, we learned from Adi Da that the search for happiness is the very thing that keeps us from attaining it. With a true understanding of life, Happiness is always simply present and already the case.

This is the Real nature of God, and our own True Self. Through the spiritual relationship to Adi Da, this is something one can experience for oneself, beyond any belief or doubt.

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