About Adi Da Samraj

The only by-Me Revealed and Given Way of Adidam is a Free Gift. But It is a Gift that Flows in the heart-relationship that exists between Me and each of My true devotees. And if you know how to live the devotional relationship with Me, then the Gift Flows to you--I Flow to you

—Avatar Adi Da Samraj


As devotees of Avatar Adi Da, we recognize Him as the Incarnation of Real God. Not the conventionally sought "Creator God", but the God that is Source and "Substance" of all. For this reason, while He was still in the body, His Presence was a paradox – the Divine in human form, and at the same time, not limited by that form.

We feel incredibly blessed to be alive in this era of His physical Incarnation, and at the same time, understand that He has always been and will always be Present.

The Divine Intervention in Human Time

In the religious and Spiritual traditions of human history, a common theme of prophecy appears:
When the world is in its darkest hour, when self-interest has become the governing principle of human life, when the connection to the Living Divine has disappeared from human society and the world itself is threatened by the always imminent possibility of catastrophic global conflict and widespread natural disaster, there is to come a final and all-completing Revelation of the Divine in human form.

From his birth (on Long Island, New York, in 1939), Adi Da manifested the unique signs of His direct Avataric descent, an intervention of the Divine in human form. Throughout his life, Adi Da communicated, with overwhelming authenticity, the very Force, Radiance and Transmitted Power of What Is, the "Root"-Reality, Which is Self-Existing, Prior to the physical world.

In his earliest years, Adi Da enjoyed the Blissful, Self-Radiant Condition of Reality Itself, until, at the age of two, a spontaneous, sympathetic embrace of those around him led to a periodic suspension of this "Perfect Knowledge" of Reality, and then, to a fierce impulse to discover (for the sake of all) what prevents that "Perfect Knowledge" from shining forth through human awareness.

Reaching adulthood, he engaged in a prolonged ordeal, investigating every mode of human experience. He studied the repository of human wisdom, completing degrees at Columbia and Stanford Universites in the sixties, after which, he began a period of intensive practice under a succession of spiritual masters in the United States and India.

Finally, in 1970, after a final period of most intense spiritual endeavour, Adi Da spontaneously found himself re-established in the continuous state of Self-Illumination that was his unique condition at birth, and shortly thereafter, began to teach.

In the years that followed his Re-Awakening, Adi Da created a vast body of wisdom—of unique and most profound significance—in living dialogue with those who approached him as devotees. And today, his literary, philosophical, and practical written word consists of over sixty published books, many of which have received wide critical acclaim.


An Invitation

Our hope is that you will take an interest in exploring Avatar Adi Da's work by reading on through this website. Discover for yourself the truth of Adi Da’s words and images. Purchase a book CD and DVD (all available for purchase from our communities) as well as attend an event. Allow yourself the opportunity to find out more. Above all, take this opportunity to meet Adi Da’s devotees personally, in many places in Canada, and find out face-to-face why we feel so blessed to be Adi Da’s devotees.




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